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tv   Nightline  ABC  August 4, 2009 11:35pm-12:05am EDT

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tonight on "nightline," homeward bound. a pair of american journalists are pardoned by kim jong il after the north korean leader's personal meeting with former president bill clinton. we'll show you the emotional departure. and bonn appetite. mix with one struggling young writer, and voila, a recipe for a hollywood hit. we go inside the kitchen with the woman who cooked her way to julia child. and the wrestler out of the job and into the ring, complete with costumes, body slams and head locks, but can their grappling pay the bills?
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recession rumbles big time. captions paid for by abc, inc. give, i'm cynthia mcfadden. we begin tonight with breaking news about a fatal rampage southwest of pittsburgh that occurred around 8:00 p.m. eastern time tonight. as many as 15 people were shot inside the l.a. fitness gym at a shopping center in the town of bridgeville, about nine miles outside pittsburgh. there are reports of at least five people dead including the gunmen. the conditions of the injured and the shooter's motive remain unclear. what remains clear is that the scene inside the gym was one of terror. >> i was working out and i heard a bunch of gunshots and i seen everybody run. we head for the hills. >> i kept hearing, boom boom boom. it sounded like somebody hitting
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a bat off a wall or something. >> they were in a pilates class and they turned the lights off and then the shooting started. >> i could see flashes in the dark and then i realized someone was using a firearm inside there. >> i heard a couple of guys say we got some girls shot over there. there was one shot in the back. >> everyone started to run into the gym, bleeding. we hit the door. then the lady was shot in the leg and the shoulder. we started to pick her up and took her out. everyone said run. >> there will be more on the shooting tomorrow on "good morning america." now to the two journalists sentenced to 12 years of hard labor on their way home. laura ling and euna lee accused of trespassing into north korea are being accompanied by former president bill clinton. the plane touched down late tonight to refuel in japan on their way to burbank, california.
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while in north korea, the former president met with the nation's leader, kim jong il, and left with exactly what he came for -- amnesty for the two young women. now, family and friends wait for a triumphant reunion. >> tonight, the first brief glimpses of laura ling and euna lee at the pyongyang airport headed for the plane that is now carrying them home. the young women look to be in good health as they climb the stairs to the aircraft, where former president bill clinton waited. he greeted the journalists rather formally, but earlier today when they first met it was described as an emotional moment. a statement from the clinton foundation said that clinton has safely left north korea with laura ling and euna lee and they will be reunited with their
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families. laura ling's father said the family is thrilled at the news. >> well, one of the few times that something positive happened to me, besides having the two girls. >> the best day of your life you would say? >> yes. >> it has been five months since the two journalists were first detained by north korea. they were sentenced to 12 years hard labor on charges of crossing into north korea illegally, while working on a story. bill clinton spent less than 24 hours on the ground to secure the release of the women. but after weeks of behind the scenes negotiations, clinton had assurances even before he arrived that he would be bringing lee andling home. it was former vice president al gore who approached clinton to act as emissary. gore is cofounder of the media outlet where the journalists had worked. and they had rejected gore and
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other emissaries. all of us areov overjoyed at thr safe return. for now, all our thoughts are with laura and euna and their families who have shown remarkable courage and initiative for the 140 days of this ordeal. during those 140 days, the north koreans showed nothing but obstinan obstinance. but intern it seems to have -- but in the end it seems to have paid off for them. bill richardson who negotiated for the release of a hostage says that the smiling president next to clinton is good for the president. >> it gives him a great deal of prestige to have the former president there, so this a big coup. >> that's not the only thing they got. clinton's wife, the secretary of state, in an interview with mian india apologized to the north
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koreans. >> the young women have apparently admitted that they probably did trespass, so they are deeply regretful and we are very sorry this happened. >> hillary clinton was heavily involved in securing the release of ling and lee, and president clinton said he wanted to engage with the north koreans, but instead they conducted a nuclear test, fired a long-range missile and a flurry of short and medium range rockets. that's why some are worried about the message they might get from clinton's visit. >> we could get in a situation of a moral hazard where by rewarding bad behavior we are only going to get more of it. >> that could be true, but tonight, with two young women hours away from what will surely be an emotional reunion, the families of laura ling and euna
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lee said they're counting the seconds to hold them in their arms. i'm martha rad dits for "nightline." >> the plane is expected to touch down in burbank, california, around 6:45 a.m. eastern time. late this evening, president obama praised clinton's trip as very fine work. when we come back, what do you get when you mix a legend of the kitchen with a young woman trying to break out of a dead end life? a delicious confection of a movie. 6666 ♪ (announcer) .it's that time of year again they're going back it's back to school timeat staples over 7000 supplies at guaranteed low prices ♪
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child. while she inspired so many, there's one story that's leapt from a fascination to child and norah efront put it on the screen. >> every little mommy, this scone should have a pile for her children. >> before martha stew war and before rachael ray. before emeril, there was the french chef. >> welcome to the french chef. i'm julia child. >> the first chef of the kitchen in age of tv dinners, julia child wasn't selling short cuts. >> today we are going to do fish soup. >> no, the 6'2" woman was a distinctive voice, had a
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different mission to bring authentic french cooking to the housewife. >> this is how you make the sauce. >> with her signature mix of humor. and willingness to let things go wrong. >> oh. that was a mistake. >> she gave american cooks -- >> i'm all ready to make fish. >> the confidence to tackle the most daunting dishes. >> see how to turn this denizen of the deep into a dish. >> now it's inspired a movie "julie and julia". >> pastry, so much butter. almost stops your heart to look at it. >> the iconic child played by the iconic streep. who else but meryl streep could be counted on to deliver on julia's es sen tristy.
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>> you should have seen the way the men looked at me. as if i was a housewife looking for a way to kill time. >> actually it's the story of two women -- julia child and julie powell. stuck in an dead end job, julie on the cusp of 30 turns to julia child's cookbook hoping to discover the recipe for a change in her life. >> i'll cook my way to the julia child cookbook and blog about it. >> in 365 days. >> you can never have too much butter. >> julie comes to learn about life as she cooks herself silly. along the way, she kills the lobster. and learns to cope when things don't turn out. >> another melt down. >> crazy. >> the julie collapsed on the floor in the movie can be found in real life in queens. far from the mess she says she
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was back then. how does it feel to be for flpod in the movies? >> surreal is the new normal. >> we asked her to cook something that julia would approve of her. >> so, this it is. all right. so with julia's distinctive voice in our heads and with her dog -- >> big chunks of meat. >> once we start cooking it he'll be over. >> we followed julia child's recipe to the letter. first essential step -- >> we are doing -- patting the meat dry because the drier it gets the better it will brown. >> oh. >> but before we saute this thing, make sure you have it good and dry.
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>> another crucial step. >> i'm not going to crowd the pan either. another extremely important thing. >> too much anything in the frying pan won't brown. >> and then -- >> pour in the wine. to cover the meat. >> so much for the measuring. >> yeah. yeah. >> as our beef braised, we talked. so what do you think you expected from the project when you were 29? >> i mean, i knew it would be hard. i didn't know how hard it would be but i thought i need something in my life every day that's structure and a commitment i'm going to make to something that's me. >> her julia child, which she carries around inside of her. who is the julia child inside your head? >> you don't know. life is not limited if every time you say this is all over,
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this how is it's going to be, my life is stuck here in this job or this, you know, apartment or this, you know, lonely life, she says -- no, you don't know any of that. your life is too big to predict that. >> your eyes fill up with tears. is there a real relationship with the real julia child that you think you know? >> i think she's that to a lot of people. maybe it's her voice. the wonderful twill. >> if you have a sense of failure, you won't learn how to cook. >> make sure it's helping them to do what they need to do. i think she's such an inspiration. >> julie and julia just about cooking, but it's about marriage. julia's happy marriage -- >> julia, i love you darling girl. >> and julie's happy marriage to
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eric, it's a chiclet movie about movie and not about the goal of getting married. not about snagging the guy, but about having found the guy and then finding yourself. >> but then life isn't as tidy as the hollywood script. julie admits she had an affair. there was this whole dustup in the newspaper about the affair. >> oh. it was a silly nonstory about a story that appeared in the julie and julia. i'm writing about it in my book this december. i'm just glad that eric and i are here to experience this thing together. >> and that is also a portfolio of what she says she learned from her julia. mistakes are made, you fix them the best you can. and you move on. >> when i flipped it, i didn't -- i didn't have the courage to do it the way i should have. but you can always pick it up. who is going to see? >> but there were no mistakes in
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our beef, and after hours of cooking, it's time for taste. >> we can try it? >> yeah, give it a try. >> before company comes? >> exactly. >> oh. it's delicious. congratulations. >> congratulations. >> what are we supposed to say? >> what do we always say? >> bon appetit. >> she was one of a kind. the movie opens on friday. you can find more of julia child's recipes and more of her memorable moments on "good morning america" on a special section of the website on when we come back, from the unemployment line to the wrestling ring, it's tonight's "sign of the times". no different. irreversible loss of enamel. enamel shield enamel loss by forming against acid attack. toothpastes dentists check most. save your enamel. be gone for good. enamel shield. with the rinse.
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to the economy now. there's no doubt pro wrestling is big business, but beyond the packed arenas and chiseled stars is a group of die hards trying to survive the recession inside the ring. it's "a sign of the times". >> it's a hot saturday day. sergeant long to come to north carolina to win. >> actually some serious marks here. how are you feeling? >> i'm feeling. >> i don't believe you.
11:59 pm
>> i don't. >> how can you not feel that? i'm looking at the marks on your back. i don't see how you how couldn't feel it. >> some people take drugs, some people take drugs to get a high. this is my high. >> 36-year-old troy long lives in southwest virginia where the unemployment rate has doubled in the last year alone. he lost his job building trucks last year. wrestling is now his life and his livelihood. >> this is about somebody going after what they've always wanted to be. and i'm living my dream. i don't care if i'm dirt poor. you know, in the process. it doesn't matter to me. because i don't base my life on material stuff. >> without a 9 to 5, this has become troy's office. the pro wrestling camp in virginia.
12:00 am
hall of famer jimmy the boogie woogie man valiant runs this operation. he has more than 10,000 bouts under his belt and he wants to be buried in his boot. >> this is boots, laces and all, and when i go to the big ring in the sky i will die with my wrestling boots on. >> he's a mentor to the wrestlers during the tough times. >> i don't care what kind of trouble, if they just lost their job, if they're fighting with their missus, you know, they come in here, they forget about everything. >> boogie has been helping troy become sergeant long. >> get out of the ring! >> he's not just sergeant long, but also daddy. >> you see that -- huh?
12:01 am
>> get back in the ring. >> getting in the ring is what's paying the bills, barely. >> all right. let's load up guys, we have a show to put on. >> each weekend troy and the other wrestlers travel hundreds of miles across state lines for matches and a little money. as the crowd gathers, the transformation begins. >> we are entertainers. like you going to the movie theater. you're paying to see a show. it's the same thing with us. we're putting on a show. >> come on! >> i'm so committed that i had a sergeant long tattooed. >> but all that showmanship doesn't pay that much, at least not for wrestlers like troy. what are you walking away with? >> 20 bucks if i'm lucky. >> how on earth is it worth? >> like i told you, i'm not doing it for money. if i make money at it it makes it even better.
12:02 am
but i'm doing this because i love this business and i love putting on a show for the fans. >> and that show, the flips, body slams, crushed arms and managers who play dirty, what this is all about. >> i want to steal the show. i want to have a such a good match that when the fans go home at night, the only match they remember is my match. >> the following may be small, but the adoration is as big as it gets. >> i was rooting for you. >> when you think of your life a year ago and your life now, how do they compare now? >> a year ago i was earning about $1,000 a week, nothing i couldn't do. now, i've learned how to rethink on how to spend my money. what's most important. right now, other than my son, being a wrestler is the most important thing in my life right now. the money is starting to increase, and hopefully one day
12:03 am
that's all i'll have to do. >> we'll be right back.
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